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Post Painting Care :
Painting involves a lot of effort in terms of planning and performing the task. And it is quite obvious that you would like your beautifully painted home to remain so for a longer period of time. It is here that post painting care assumes significance allowing you to preserve the aesthetics of your home as well as save costs by prolonging the life of your painting exercise. The following best practices must be adopted for proper post painting care.

    • Clean your walls regularly to maintain the beautiful appeal. It is advised that you use a clean white cloth or a sponge dipped in mild detergent for the activity. After cleaning wash away traces of detergent or wipe dry. But remember that some stains are very rigid and excessive use of detergent and scrubbing can cause permanent damage to paint film.

  • In case of severe staining clean the surfaces quickly to minimize the effect on the walls.
    Seepage and growth of mildew on the walls must be immediately checked and dealt with before the problem may spread to a wider area.
    Try to paint maximum painting area that can be dried simultaneously, as it will prevent lap lines which may come if a single wall area is painted in phases.
    • Rusting of metal surfaces due to damage in paint coating can be taken care off by immediate touch up with paint and primer coat. When cleaning distempered surfaces, care must be taken that that minimum pressure is applied so that the distemper coat is not damaged
    • Do not use water for spot cleaning if the wall is not dust free because it may cause the dust to be more spread out and absorbed on the wall.
    • Avoid the use of water for cleaning wooden surfaces.

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