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In 1996, unfazed by industry skepticism, J&N introduced InstaColor, the revolutionary in-shop tinting system. For the first time the Indian customer had the possibility to select among 5000+ shades instantaneously and also create his/her own shade. The concept has totally revolutionized the Indian paint industry. Still InstaColor remains the customer’s number one choice, whenever they categorically ask for their unique ‘My Colour’.

You may find colour your inspirations in nature or within man-made creations, music or art, thoughts or emotions; and as you discover and gather inspiration, InstaColor system will create it for you - 'instantly’. It offers you a kaleidoscope of shades from classic and contemporary to avant garde expressions. You name the colour, we have the colour.

The Jensomatic machine, aided by a computerised system with its unerring delivers the shade of your choice whenever and as often as you wish. No shade variations, ever. It offers you a stunning range – in whatever finish you want, for any surface you want, be it your walls, furniture, doors, windows or grills.

The InstaColor Product Range includes :
Interiors :
Special Effects Luxury Sheen Emulsion Robbialac Super Acrylic Plastic Emulsion
Rainbow Acrylic Insta Color Emulsion Premium Acrylic Wall Coating
Jensolin Acrylic Distemper  
Safeguard 100% Acrylic Exterior Emulsion Décor Exterior Plastic Emulsion
Armor Quartz Extra Life Exterior Finish  
Metal & Wood:
Pearl Lustre Finish Brolac Hi-Gloss Polyurethane Enamel
" InstaColor is available at select InstaColor centres in your city. Visit an InstaColor Centre or call us.”
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